You require a high-quality network infrastructure to build your secure and stable network that is ideally suited to your requirements and enables error-free communication.


Getting started with Industrial Ethernet is easy with wienet Unmanaged Switches. Suitable for industrial use, wienet switches meet all the following requirements - even in continuous operation.  

  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Suitable for small networks and low amount of data
  • Use in delimited areas
  • Simple interface conversion
  • Cost-effective

Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switches
wienet UMS series


  • First Industrial Ethernet application or small networks
  • Few network participants and low data flow
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Fast installation through plug & play


  • Communication between Ethernet-enabled devices
  • Fixed configuration
  • Connection of edge devices in network outlets
  • Redundant power supply
  • Optional with Gigabit ports and PoE+ support (UMS-G series)

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Unmanaged Advanced Gigabit Switches
wienet UMS-A series


  • Small, independent networks with few participants
  • Fiber optic applications: large transmission distances and high bandwidths
  • Rough industrial environment
  • Avoids a separate power supply


  • Power over Ethernet Voltage Boost for PoE+ applications (no separate power supply required)
  • Multifunctional SFP ports for flexible fiber optic applications
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +75°C
  • Redundant power supply 

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For the best control of your Industrial Ethernet network and fault diagnosis of your data communication, our wienet Managed Switches are the best choice. We offer you the following functions.  

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Integration into monitoring system
  • Detailed evaluation and reporting of internal statistics
  • Monitoring and fault detection
  • Prioritization of LAN traffic

Industrial Protocol Switches
wienet FS-Serie


  • Industrial Ethernet network available (Profinet or Ethernet/IP)
  • Information about the status of the network
  • Integration in automation environment
  • Rough industrial environment


  • Diagnostics about quality and utilization of the network
    • Via LEDs, web interface, SNMP, bus protocol and relay alarm outputs
    • Up to Ethernet device level and port level
  • Redundant power supply with wide voltage input (8.4 to 52.8 V DC)
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +75°C
  • Error free installation through marking with fieldbus logo

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Managed Fast Ethernet Switches
wienet L2MS-Serie


  • Large networks with many participants
  • Need for highest network availability with fast recovery
  • Industrial Ethernet network (Profinet to CC-B or Ethernet/IP)
  • FO application available
  • Rough industrial environment
  • Data with real-time request completion


  • Ethernet packet prioritization
  • PoE+ support
  • EMC Level 3
  • Redundant ring topologies with recovery time of max. 20 ms
  • Redundant power supply with wide voltage input (9-57 V DC)
  • Diagnostics via LEDs, web interface, SNMP, bus protocol, and relay alarm outputs
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +75°C
  • Precision Time Protocol 
  • Optional Gigabit ports (L2MS-G series)

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Industrial Network - wienet SWITCHES - Brochure

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