We would like to draw your attention to an important safety hazard associated with the use of Betteri connectors in conjunction with our IEC 61535 certified RST connector system.  

Please note the following information:

1. Risk and hazard description:

By hiding an RST connector with a Betteri receptacle, there is a risk that the protective contact of the connector will be connected to a live phase. This can result in a significant risk of electric shock to users and third parties.

Sources of risk:

  • Due to the introduction of predominantly Chinese module inverters, the Betteri connector mounted on them has become widespread in the balcony power plant sector
  • However, the dangerous confusability with the established RST connector applies in general and poses a high risk potential in all areas of application.
  • The Betteri connector is visually difficult to distinguish from our RST for the layman.


2. Options for action by Wieland with regard to the RST connector system:

We have already taken measures to ensure your safety:

  • Adaptation of the assembly instructions to point out the safety risk.
  • Internal information to Wieland sales to sensitize sales staff.
  • External information to our sales partners to inform them about the safety risk.
  • Specific warning against the use of Betteri connectors on our website.


3. Options for action by Wieland with regard to Betteri connectors:

  • Notification to the market surveillance authority: Our goal is to have Betteri connectors removed from the market to minimize potential risks.
  • Competition law action in the event of violation of the ProdSG (Product Safety Act) in connection with the sale of Betteri connectors. We will take action against companies that distribute Betteri connectors without CE marking.

We urge you not to use Betteri connectors in conjunction with our RST connector system. Your safety is our highest priority and we do everything we can to minimize potential risks. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and support in ensuring the safety of our products.

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